Student and Volunteer Recognition Celebration 2018

P.A.L.S. Student and Volunteer Recognition Celebration and Annual General Meeting was held at the McKay Avenue School Archives and Museum on April 17.  Our learners have accomplished a lot over the past year, and we are very proud of them and grateful for the time and effort of our volunteer tutors in for helping them succeed in their goals. Thank you to Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education, and David Shepherd for helping us celebrate our adult learners and volunteers.

Congratulations to all our outstanding students and volunteers!

Student Achievement Awards

Emmanuel, Annette, Nicholos, Marie Jose, Alexis-Christine, Maria, Ifrah
  • Marie Jose Tec Toledo
  • Alexis Christine Mapstone
  • Maria Fernandez
  • Ifrah Omar
  • Emmanuel Bautista
  • Annette Gaudet
  • Nicholos Koronios
Annette, Student Achievement Award recipient

Outstanding Tutor Awards

Nafeesa, Sylvia, Gloria, and Linda
  • Nafeesa Mohamed
  • Sylvia Forrow
  • Gloria Pigat
  • Linda Sutcliffe


Students and Tutors Share their Experiences

Maria Fernandez, literacy for English language learner

Jennifer Russill, math literacy tutor

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