Students for Students

A networking and professional development program for adult students using workshops for employment and community involvement. Focused on informal learning. There are workshops for building skills for work and daily living, social networking, a biannual conference, and encouraging participation in the community.
Provides opportunities to learn in other environments.

This is a networking and learning group for students. Students have the opportunity to meet with other students to learn that he/she is not alone and to develop skills that will enable the student to “find his/her voice”. The activities include socializing, learning sessions such as workshops on how to run a meeting, and opportunities to attend conferences. Tutors are invited to attend with the student, as sometimes students are too shy to attend on their own.
The family members of students are also encouraged to attend such as field trips and Student and Volunteer Recognition.

Reaching New Heights are students who want to develop leadership and advocacy skills that will enable them to participate in the community to a greater extent.