Summer has Arrived in Literacy

Hi everyone! Summer has arrived in full force! I hope you are all tucked away in a well air-conditioned room with a large bottle of water and maybe, a nice book, too! 😊

It is great to see the sun but hopefully the temperatures will ease a little so everyone can enjoy lots of outdoor time this month. July is typically a busy month for folks – lots of summer activities happening throughout the city and many people taking holidays. Just a reminder that Book Club and Singalong are both on break for the summer. This does not mean that you need to stop reading or singing though. July is a great time to revisit some of your favourite upbeat songs that you may not have listened to in a while! A favourite from Singalong has been “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”. You might want to check that one out on YouTube. 😊

Besides being fun to listen to, songs are also a great way to help build literacy skills. If you have a favourite song (or two 😊) consider looking up the lyrics on the internet (there are many sites such as You might want to watch the video on YouTube with the captions on. It’s a great way to learn the sounds of letters, build vocabulary, and, of course, have fun!

Welcome to our New Tutors

We are excited that we have had more new tutors join PALS these past few weeks! In keeping with the weather, a very, very warm welcome to Kayla, Linda, Pam, Rachelle, and Satkirat! We are really happy to have you on the PALS tutoring team!

And just a little reminder

Bonnie Caron has moved into a new role as Literacy Specialist. Bonnie will be working on exciting new projects such as creating literacy resources. You can connect with Bonnie through email at [email protected].

Kim White is now the full time Literacy Coordinator. She will continue to support all learners and tutors involved with our Literacy Program. Please connect with Kim about anything related to the Literacy Program.  Her email is [email protected].

We hope July is a great month for all of you! And, Happy Belated Canada Day!  We hope you got to take in some of the celebrations on July 1st or that you just had a nice day to relax and reflect.

Stay hydrated everyone and enjoy the rest of the month. We’ll chat again in August!  

Literacy Coordinator

Kimberley White
Call: 780-424-5514, press 1

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