TAC 2023 in Review

Happy New Year from the Tutor Advisory Committee!

The Tutor Advisory Committee (TAC) facilitates communication among tutors and serves as a liaison between volunteer tutors and the Executive Director of PALS. The advisory committee provides a mechanism for engagement and information exchange to highlight the value of tutor contributions and enhance the tutor experience.

We share with you the following highlights of our activities from 2023.

The Sharing Circle continued to provide an opportunity for tutors to connect with other tutors. The Sharing Circle is planned by and run by tutors. Five Zoom meetings were arranged on topics which included Learning Challenges and Successes, Evaluating Progress and Tutoring as a Journey.

The August meeting was an in-person picnic, which because of weather conditions, was held in the PALS office. Tutors, PALS staff and Board Members enjoyed an evening of great food, camaraderie and networking.

If you have not attended a Sharing Circle yet, we encourage you to to do so. There truly is something for all us in this supportive environment. Watch for the emails announcing the Sharing Circles for 2024.

What is now Tutor Connect started 2023 as the mentoring program. After surveying tutors to better understand what would be valuable to them, the program was modified and is now in place as Tutor Connect. While the objective of providing support to tutors remained substantially the same, the process was changed to make the available expertise easier to access. Tutor Connect has a list of tutors who have generously offered their time to help other tutors. If you would like to talk with another tutor, visit the website. There are other tutors waiting to help.

Sharing Circle and Tutor Connect offer two different methods of peer support: one in group format (Sharing Circles) and one in one-on-one format (Tutor Connect). Tutors can chat with their peers privately or in a group setting depending on which format is more comfortable for them.

A member of TAC has been attending New Tutor Orientation since September, 2022. We provide an overview of the objectives, goals and initiatives of TAC and share a bit about our own tutoring experience. This helps ensure all tutors know about the supports TAC provides. In 2023, the slides were refreshed to provide current information on TAC initiatives.

Over the past year, we have revised the TAC section of the website to better reflect the purpose and intent of the Sharing Circle and Tutor Connect.

More information on TAC and their initiatives can be found on the PALS website.

TAC welcomes all tutors to the committee. We need people who have a passion for tutoring and are willing to share their ideas and expertise. To join the committee, we ask for a commitment of one hour per month to attend our meetings. If you prefer, we welcome tutors to participate in specific initiatives that TAC may become involved in throughout the year. If you would like to hear more about TAC or would like to learn more about participating, please contact us at – [email protected]

TAC wishes all tutors a year of health and happiness.

Debbie, Mary, Linda, Ngaio, Catherine, Vaneeza


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