TAC is looking for new members

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about tutoring and willing to share their opinions! Is that you? If so, the Tutor Advisory Committee has two opportunities for you, depending on your availability. We are looking for Tutors to join TAC and we are looking for Tutors who only want to participate on a project or an initiative that interests you. Whatever level of participation is right for you, we look forward to hearing from you!

The key focus areas of the Tutor Advisory Committee (TAC) are:

Facilitate Communication – TAC will seek to improve communication among Tutors and when appropriate, provide communication from Tutors to the Executive Director.

Enhance the Tutor Experience – TAC will seek opportunities to enhance the Tutor experience on an ongoing basis and provide support to Tutors that may not currently be available within PALS.

Review Activities – TAC will regularly review the effectiveness of the committee’s activities and make modifications as necessary to ensure TAC remains a valuable support for Tutors.

TAC is very much a working committee and we ask all members to:

  • Attend and participate in monthly meetings (optimally 1 hour, normally online)
  • Volunteer to work on initiatives that further the mandate of TAC. This may include work outside of the monthly meetings (1-2 hours limit optimally)
  • Share ideas that contribute to the Key Focus areas of TAC

Participation in TAC has benefits for the Tutors, including opportunities to:

  • Make a difference for all tutors and impact their experience at PALS
  • Network with other Tutors and PALS staff
  • Hone your leadership skills, including communication, facilitation, and team building
  • Learn more about the operation of PALS
  • Work with like-minded tutors to directly influence changes to programs or policies

Contact TAC for more information.


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