News from TAC – Welcome back!

Welcome back to PALS for 2024, and an extra special welcome to all our brand-new PALS tutors!  We wanted to remind you about the Tutor Advisory Committee (TAC), which you heard about during your PALS orientation.  We organize events for tutors, by tutors!

We have two ongoing programs for you to check out:

1) Tutor Connect

Tutor Connect allows you to connect with a fellow tutor to ask questions, discuss ideas or get some advice.

Choose from the list of tutors who are willing to be contacted by a fellow tutor on the PALS website ( – Tutor Login – Tutor Connect). You can choose a name from Math, Literacy/LELL or Digital and contact them through their email. Once you’ve made your first connection, you may together decide to continue virtually or by phone.

2) Sharing Circle

Every two months, tutors in all streams are invited to an informal group chat on Zoom.  The next one will take place on an evening in late January.  We will suggest a topic, but the goal of the Sharing Circle is for tutors in all streams, new and experienced, to mingle with each other and discuss questions, ideas and stories. How has your tutoring been going?  If you’re a brand new tutor, maybe even not yet matched with a learner, how has your PALS experience been so far? What would you like to ask your fellow tutors?  Watch your email for a personal invitation to join us, with RSVP details.  We would love to see you!

Join YOUR Tutor Advisory Committee

TAC meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm on Zoom.

If you want to join us or find out more, email us.

Website and Tutor Login

Check out the PALS website, including updated, exciting information about both TAC programs above!  To sign up for access to the Tutor Login section of the PALS website, contact Adam.


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