Tutor Advisory Committee Update – September 2022

Hello to New Tutors:

A warm welcome to PALS. Members of the Tutor Advisory Committee (TAC) have started to attend the new tutor orientations to let you know that our committee is made up of tutors just like you. Our purpose is to provide support and engagement to all tutors, and to connect tutors to each other.

We welcome you to attend our meetings, which are held the second Tuesday of each month at 5:15 on zoom.

If you want to connect and find out more contact [email protected]


Tutor to Tutors:

The Sharing Circle, which originates from the Tutor Advisory Committee, held an outdoor picnic gathering on August 24 and we had a great turnout and time, for a long overdue tutor face to face. The weather was just right at MacKay Avenue School park and the PALS cupcakes were delicious. Thanks Monica.

As usual a few suggestions for Tutor Circle topics, arose from the participants; How to beat the reluctance to read, exploring how games can aid learning, and a sharing of ideas on what tutors need to have a good experience in being a PALS tutor. This will help us plan the Circle experience.

Our Sharing Circles are bimonthly so the next one will be in October. Any suggestions and questions are always welcome. Just drop us a line at [email protected]


Great News and Opportunity for Peer Learning

 The Mentoring Project is a Go!

After many months of waiting, the TAC mentoring project is up and running. The revised PALS website has a new section, Tutor Log In. Once you log in there is a section called TAC Mentorship Program. It has the names and email addresses of tutors who agreed to be contacted by any tutor who has a question or concern and would like to get some advice or just connect with a fellow tutor.

To sign up for access to the Tutor Log In site, contact Adam at [email protected]

If you have any questions about the mentoring project, contact [email protected]






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