Tutor Advisory Committee

The Tutor Advisory Committee (TAC) was established in 2020 to provide support to volunteer tutors of PALS in a peer-to-peer format and to assist communication between tutors and PALS leadership. Members of the committee are tutors and meet on the second Tuesday of each month to provide feedback to the executive director about the needs of the tutors and learn from the executive director about current and upcoming PALS initiatives, cementing the partnership between volunteers and the staff at PALS. Tutors are welcome to attend. Contact TAC for the information.

TAC has established two sub-committees: the Sharing Circle, and the Mentoring Project.

The Sharing Circle is an opportunity to meet and talk with other tutors at PALS. The event is run for tutors, by tutors. Ideas, comments and suggestions are always welcome. All tutors are welcome to attend, meetings are held every second month and information about this is in the newsletter.

The Mentoring Project is designed to support sharing experiences and wisdom on effective tutoring. Contact TAC to connect with a volunteer mentor.