August Musings from the Volunteer Coordinator

I cannot believe we are arriving at August already. I used to laugh at my parents when they would say time is going by so quickly. I am no longer laughing as I now understand exactly what they mean. I blinked and half of summer was behind me.

Although time is going by so quickly, there are occasions to look forward to.

A reminder to register for the Tutor Advisory Committee (TAC) summer picnic for all tutors on Thursday, August 24, 5-8 pm at Ezio Faraone Park, 11004 97 Ave NW, downtown. Food will be provided, or feel free to bring your own. Bring a chair, come on by, and meet your fellow tutors in person! Register today!

We had two new tutors join the volunteer roster. Please welcome Angela and Ziyi!

Volunteer and Learner Coordinator

Brenda Adams
Call: 780-424-5514, press 5 

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