Making the Most of May

There are plenty of reasons to love May. It is the bridge month between Spring and the start of Summer; flowers are beginning to bloom, and you can finally begin to enjoy the outdoors again. Whether it is World Press Freedom Day or Cinco de Mayo, or Mother’s Day, there is something to celebrate every single day of the month.

As outdoor activities become more abundant this month, you may be finding it more of a challenge to mentally be prepared for a 2-hour tutoring session indoors. So, get creative and take some of your sessions outdoors. You could include some fun outdoor activities such as using the outdoors to explore spelling, or as an inspiration for some creative writing. Take in a Farmer’s Market with your learner and practise your math skills. The mental health benefits to teaching literacy outdoors can be huge. Not only for the learner but for the tutor as well.

I would like to welcome 13 new volunteers who completed their onboarding with me this past month. Welcome to:

Manuel, Ryan, Alice, Diane, Josh, Christine, Vishakha, Edwina, Janne, Kulpreet, Connie, Cassandra, Nicole.

You all are exceptional human beings and will be valuable members of our volunteer team!

Volunteer and Learner Coordinator

Brenda Adams
Call: 780-424-5514, press 5 

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